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Leftover Pie shows you the importance of food waste reduction and gives practical ideas and solutions to this major world problem. Tracing the history of food waste over the last 100 years, the book looks at how we have arrived at a food waste crisis point. Then, without beating ourselves up about it, Leftover Pie shares tips and recipes to help us tackle the problem and make the most of what we have.

With contributions by top chefs, food writers, food bloggers, and food waste campaigners, Leftover Pie shows why loving our leftovers is today’s hot topic.


Leftover Pie helps you:

  • make the most of the food you buy
  • save money
  • lower your carbon footprint
  • understand why food waste is such a huge problem
  • know how best to deal with unavoidable food waste
  • contribute to an inspiring future of sustainable eating.


Get your Kindle edition now £6.99

The average family wastes around £60 worth of food that could otherwise have been eaten.  Grab your copy of Leftover Pie and start saving now!

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