A lovely book review reminded me of this…

I was recently sent a copy of a book review for my first book, 101 ways to live cleaner and greener for free, so I thought I should share it here.  Thank you, Alona, for sending me this, and it was great to know that you are passing on your copy to a young person… You said: ‘it may help her to understand that the things I talk about are not just my eccentricities but simple tips we can all do.’

That made me remember why I like to make my books collaborative. I’m aiming for the “people like you and me are doing this” kind of behaviour change.  Maybe it sometimes feels like a bit of a slow process, but it does work.  And I love hearing about how people are making small changes to reduce their waste.

This morning someone said to me that she had recently started to take my advice and serve out dinner all in the centre of the table and encourage everyone to take what they felt they could eat. Her children are 3 and 5.  She said they didn’t take as much as she would have liked them to, but they ate it all. They had quite a bit left in the serving dishes, but it all went back in the fridge and became ingredients for another meal.  But, another day, her hubby served out the dinner, putting out what he thought they should each eat.  This time everything that was left was all mixed up and messed about with and all went in the food waste.

So then they talked about it and now on they are going for serving dish and everyone serving themselves. This is a small organisational change that costs nothing but could save quite a bit of money.  I remember some wise words from my aunt when my children were little:  “Children don’t starve themselves.” Serving ourselves has always been our habit and it has served us well.  We encourage clean plates and second helpings and that way every has enough to eat, but not too much and anything left will be the basis for another delicious meal.

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